Marcus Wahlberg


After being born and abandoned in a hovel near Battery Park, Pinch was raised by the Lost Boys in the Old North End near the Belt Line. When he turned 12 the elders instead of sending him out into the world on his “Walk” as is customary, elected him a “Keeper” or an orphan that is to remain with the Lost Boys to teach future orphans of survival and in time become one of the elders. At age 22 he was exiled from the Lost Boys after he killed the Leader of an upstart gang that was trying to claim two orphans before they had been sent on their walk. The Elders, worried that other gang leaders might see this as a threat, cast him out.

Now twice abandoned he focuses almost solely on his own survival. Although deep down he longs for the camaraderie and companionship of friends or family he pushes others away before they too can abandon him. He does make it a point to help young children whenever possible, guiding or sending boys to The Lost Boys so that they might learn the trades necessary to survive in the wastes.

Inevitably, whilst scavenging for supplies in a ruined building outside the B-Town city limits he was set upon by a group of slavers and dragged back to their compound and confined there with no way out and no one to come looking for him…or so he thought.

Marcus Wahlberg

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