Chef Boyardee

Chem - Chef Boyardee


Chef Boyardee, “Chef”, “CB”, “gourmet”, is a trademark street drug primarily owned by the Black Negros of B-Town. The best sources of Chef can be found in Negro clubs in the B-Town area. The chem is the result of radioactive contamination of pre-war canned Italian food, particularly that which originated from the Chef Plant outside Mill Town.

Effects: not yet established


The trademark drug originated from a pre-war canned goods factory outside Mill Town. The factory had been hit by an undetonated nuclear warhead, which destabilized and leaked radiation throughout the area. Scavengers able to survive the radiation long enough to sample the exposed cans spread tales through the Northern Wastes of a powerful and addictive new chem. Soon the most powerful drug merchants in B-Town, the Black Negros, made a move to claim all the Chef for their own distribution. Being aware of the inherent radiation danger, the Negros hired GMB mercenaries to help them locate and transport the Chef. The GMB were unaware and unprepared for such massive radiation exposure, and many GMB lost their lives. The Negros tried to settle the bad deal with caps, which was accepted, but still resulted in an ending of business relations between the Black Negros and the GMB.

Rumors circulate the wastes that the Factory still contains large reserves of sealed Chef, and it is simply too dangerous for the Negros to salvage. Such rumors have likely led many a scavenger to their death.

There are varying qualities of Chef, the most expensive being Beefaroni, Ravioli, and Lasagna, followed by Spaghetti and Whole Grain. Due to true Chef being a limited commodity, there are numerous “Cooks” who synthesize imitation Chef. Synthetic chef is the lowest quality, and accomplished by exposing Italian pasta dishes to various forms of radiation. Because of the risk of radiation exposure, Ghuls make ideal cooks. However the largest Chef merchant, the Black Negros, does not allow any Ghul members.

Chef Boyardee

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